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Qianglong TAO

Player Fact File

Qianglong TAO

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Full NameTao Qianglong
Date of Birth20 November 2001
Height (cm)172
Weight (kg)67
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ColourOlive
Facial HairClean
Squad Number29

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Hebei China Fortune Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
19Cheng YANG
YANG, Cheng GK3470
23Hang REN
REN, Hang D(RLC),DM(RL)3080
28Chengdong ZHANG
ZHANG, Chengdong AM(RL),F(RLC)3082
1Xiaofeng GENG
GENG, Xiaofeng GK3273
11Zhipeng JIANG
JIANG, Zhipeng D(RL),DM,M(L)3080
26Wenjun JIANG
JIANG, Wenjun D,DM(L),M(LC)2976
9Xuesheng DONG
DONG, Xuesheng F(C)3078
4Yangyang JIN
JIN, Yangyang D(C)2675
8Rentian HU
HU, Rentian AM,F(RL)2876
18Gang FENG
FENG, Gang M(C),AM(RLC)2676
-Senwen LUO
LUO, Senwen Player DM,M,AM(C)2676
2No Player Image
ZHANG, Junzhe D(RC),DM,M(R)2874
3Yuhao ZHAO
ZHAO, Yuhao D,DM(C)2678
27Hongbo YIN
YIN, Hongbo M,AM(RLC)3076
15Qiuming WANG
WANG, Qiuming M(C),AM(RLC)2678
20No Player Image
GAO, Huaze AM(RL),F(RLC)2273
31No Player Image
XU, Tianyuan AM,F(RLC)2270
-No Player Image
CHEN, Tang M(C)2365
5No Player Image
RUSSELL, Andy D(C)3270
13No Player Image
CUI, Lin D,DM,M(L)2273
10Vinicius MARCÃO
MARCÃO, Vinicius F(C)2582
29Qianglong TAO
TAO, Qianglong AM(RL),F(RLC)1873
30No Player Image
BAO, Yaxiong GK2267
24No Player Image
ZHANG, Yu D(C)1763
51No Player Image
LIU, Jing D,DM,M(R)2270
45No Player Image
GONG, Quile D,DM,M(R)2063
38No Player Image
ZHANG, Wei M(C)1965
60No Player Image
REN, Wei M(C)2263
21No Player Image
WEI, Changsheng DM,M(C)2063
17No Player Image
LUO, Shipeng F(C)1963
30No Player Image
YAO, Xuchen M,AM(RL)2067

Player Position

Position DescGeneral Forward
Preferred FootRight

Player History

2019-11-09Hebei CFFC73
2019-11-01Hebei CFFC63

Player Reports

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