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Chao HE

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Chao HE
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Full NameHe Chao
Date of Birth19 April 1995
Height (cm)178
Weight (kg)78
Hair ColourUnknown
Skin ColourUnknown
Facial HairUnknown
Squad NumberNot set

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Guangzhou Evergrande Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
-Gonçalves ALOÍSIO
ALOÍSIO, Gonçalves AM,F(RLC)3183
ZHENG, Zhi DM,M,AM(C)3982
35Xuepeng LI
LI, Xuepeng D(LC),DM(C)3180
16Bowen HUANG
HUANG, Bowen DM,M(C)3282
PAULINHO, Bezerra DM,M,AM(C)3190
-Wenzhao ZHANG
ZHANG, Wenzhao M,AM(RL)3276
ZHENG, Long M(C),AM(RLC)3178
18Oliveira ELKESON
ELKESON, Oliveira AM,F(RLC)3088
-Ricardo GOULART
GOULART, Ricardo AM,F(C)2888
5Linpeng ZHANG
ZHANG, Linpeng D(RC)3083
20Hanchao YU
YU, Hanchao AM(RLC)3380
32Dianzuo LIU
LIU, Dianzuo GK2980
7Shewket YALQUN
YALQUN, Shewket AM(RL),F(RLC)2774
FERNANDINHO, Conceiçao AM(RLC),F(RL)2783
-Jiaqi ZHANG
ZHANG, Jiaqi DM,M(C)2873
9Anderson TALISCA
TALISCA, Anderson M(C),AM(RLC)2689
-Weiguo LIU
LIU, Weiguo GK2773
3Fang MEI
MEI, Fang D(RC)3077
BROWNING, Tyias D(RC)2578
-Roberto SIUCHO
SIUCHO, Roberto AM(RLC),F(RL)2378
12Xin XU
XU, Xin DM,M(C)2576
7Shihao WEI
WEI, Shihao AM(RL),F(RLC)2582
-Chao HE
HE, Chao M(C)2480
-Bowen HU
HU, Bowen D(RLC)2670
-Lisheng LIAO
LIAO, Lisheng M(C)2678
-No Player Image
LIU, Haidong D,DM(L)2570
11Xiuwei ZHANG
ZHANG, Xiuwei DM,M(C)2478
-Zepeng CHEN
CHEN, Zepeng D,DM(L)2373
-Junhui WANG
WANG, Junhui M(C),AM(RLC)2473
-Jingbin WANG
WANG, Jingbin AM(RL),F(RLC)2476
1No Player Image
LIU, Shibo GK2270
-No Player Image
WU, Yuduo D(C)2467
21Zhunyi GAO
GAO, Zhunyi D,DM(C)2480
22Shi TANG
TANG, Shi AM(RL),F(RLC)2576
17Liyu YANG
YANG, Liyu AM,F(RLC)2380
-Yiming LIU
LIU, Yiming D(C)2578
-No Player Image
CAI, Mingmin AM(RLC)1967
-No Player Image
CHEN, Quanjiang D,DM(RL)1965
-No Player Image
DENG, Yubiao DM,M(C)2270
34No Player Image
FENG, Boxuan AM(RLC)2370
-Ruibao HU
HU, Ruibao D,DM(LC)2273
-No Player Image
GUO, Jing D(C)2365
25Hanwen DENG
DENG, Hanwen D,DM,M(R)2578
23Ji-Su PARK
PARK, Ji-Su D(C)2580
27No Player Image
WU, Shaocong D(C)2067
33No Player Image
ZHONG, Yihao AM,F(RL)2470
-No Player Image
WANG, Jinze F(C)2170
40No Player Image
ZHANG, Jianzhi GK2063
31No Player Image
LUO, Hanbowen D(RLC)1963
30No Player Image
SKANDAR, Bughrahan AM,F(RLC)1963
-No Player Image
LIU, Ruicheng D,DM,M(L)2060
-No Player Image
LI, Weijie GK2063

Player Position

Position DescGeneral Midfielder
Preferred FootRight

Player History

DateClubLoan ClubRating
2019-12-01GZ EvergrandeN/A80
2019-07-09GZ EvergrandeJiangsu Suning80
2019-02-07GZ EvergrandeN/A80
2018-10-11Changchun YataiN/A80
2017-07-26Changchun YataiN/A76

Player Reports

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