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Hyeon-Mu KANG

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Hyeon-Mu KANG
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Full NameKang Hyeon-Mu
Date of Birth13 March 1995
Korea Republic
Height (cm)185
Weight (kg)77
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ColourOlive
Facial HairClean
Squad Number31

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Player Attributes

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Pohang Steelers Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
-Beom-Seok OH
OH, Beom-Seok D(R),DM,M(RC)3678
3Gwang-Seok KIM
KIM, Gwang-Seok D(C)3778
31Hyeon-Mu KANG
KANG, Hyeon-Mu GK2578
-Jun-Jae NAM
NAM, Jun-Jae AM(RL),F(RLC)3278
-Jun-Su YOO
YOO, Jun-Su DM,M(C)3277
32Sun-Yong PARK
PARK, Sun-Yong DM,M(C)3173
-Dong-Woon SHIM
SHIM, Dong-Woon AM,F(RL)3078
PALACIOS, Manuel F(LC)2778
7Seok-Hyun LEE
LEE, Seok-Hyun AM(RLC)3080
-Brandon O'NEILL
O'NEILL, Brandon DM,M,AM(C)2680
22No Player Image
KIM, Do-Hyung F(RLC)3075
1Won-Woo RYU
RYU, Won-Woo GK3076
11Gwang-Hyuk LEE
LEE, Gwang-Hyuk AM(RLC)2577
-No Player Image
KWON, Wan-Kyu D(C)2878
37Yong-Hwan KIM
KIM, Yong-Hwan D,DM,M(R)2778
34Sang-Min SIM
SIM, Sang-Min D,DM(L)2777
-Sang-Woo KANG
KANG, Sang-Woo M,AM(RL)2777
10Stanislav ILJUTCENKO
ILJUTCENKO, Stanislav F(C)3080
13Sang-Won KIM
KIM, Sang-Won D,DM(L),M(LC)2877
-Seung-Min SONG
SONG, Seung-Min AM(RLC)2878
-No Player Image
WOO, Chan-Yang D(RLC)2370
5Chang-Rae HA
HA, Chang-Rae D(C)2677
-No Player Image
JANG, Chul-Yong D,DM(RL)2470
27Seung-Moo LEE
LEE, Seung-Moo DM,M(C)2267
19Sang-Ki LEE
LEE, Sang-Ki D,DM,M,AM(RL)2477
23No Player Image
JANG, Gyeol-Hee D,DM,M,AM(L)2270
-No Player Image
LEE, Seung-Won GK2565
51No Player Image
HA, Myung-Rae GK2165
-No Player Image
LEE, Gwang-Jun D(C)2465
25No Player Image
YOO, Ji-Ha D(C)2165
-Seong-Woo PARK
PARK, Seong-Woo D(RLC)2565
50No Player Image
LEE, Sang-Soo D(C)2165
-Tae-Ryeol YANG
YANG, Tae-Ryeol M(C)2565
-No Player Image
KWON, Gi-Pyo AM(RL)2368
29Min-Kyu SONG
SONG, Min-Kyu AM(RL),F(RLC)2173
21No Player Image
LEE, Jun GK2363
41No Player Image
CHO, Sung-Hoon GK2263
4Min-Gwang JEON
JEON, Min-Gwang D(RC),DM(C)2778
30No Player Image
LEE, Do-Hyun D(C)2463
35No Player Image
PARK, Jae-Woo D,DM,M(R)2163
28No Player Image
CHOI, Jae-Young DM,M(C)2263
88No Player Image
KIM, Kyu-Pyo M(C)2163
33No Player Image
MOON, Kyung-Min F(C)2065
42No Player Image
KIM, Dong-Bum AM,F(RL)2063
99Hyeon-Jun SEONG
SEONG, Hyeon-Jun AM,F(RL)2173
17No Player Image
HA, Seung-Un AM(RL),F(RLC)2273
9No Player Image
CHOI, Yong-Woo F(C)3270

Player Position

Position DescKeeper
Preferred FootRight

Rating History

Player History

2018-03-14Pohang Steelers78
2015-12-07Pohang Steelers75
2015-03-24Gwangju FC75
2015-03-17Gwangju FC77
2014-03-13Gwangju FC77

Player Reports

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