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Dalei WANG

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Dalei WANG
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Full NameWang Dalei
Date of Birth10 January 1989
Height (cm)185
Weight (kg)75
Hair ColourDark Brown
Skin ColourOlive
Facial HairClean
Squad Number14

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Player Attributes

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Shandong Luneng Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
9Graziano PELLÈ
PELLÈ, Graziano F(C)3487
25Marouane FELLAINI
FELLAINI, Marouane DM,M,AM(C)3189
14Dalei WANG
WANG, Dalei GK3083
22Junmin HAO
HAO, Junmin M(C),AM(RLC)3283
7Peng CUI
CUI, Peng M(C)3273
ZHANG, Chi M(C)3276
18Haibin ZHOU
ZHOU, Haibin DM,M(C)3473
15Wei LI
LI, Wei DM,M(C)3463
MOISÉS, Lima M(C),AM(RLC)3186
35Lin DAI
DAI, Lin D(RC)3178
5Zheng ZHENG
ZHENG, Zheng D(LC)3078
2Songyi LI
LI, Songyi D(RC)2670
6Tong WANG
WANG, Tong D(R),DM,M(RC)2678
21Binbin LIU
LIU, Binbin AM(RL)2678
17Xinghan WU
WU, Xinghan AM,F(RL)2678
1Zhenli LIU
LIU, Zhenli GK3467
39Long SONG
SONG, Long D(RL),DM(C)3075
42Wenjie SONG
SONG, Wenjie Player AM(RL),F(RLC)2873
33Jingdao JIN
JIN, Jingdao DM(C),M(RC)2782
20No Player Image
HAN, Rongze GK2673
24No Player Image
QI, Tianyu DM,M(C)2673
DELGADO, Pedro M(C),AM(RLC)2278
40No Player Image
LI, Guanxi GK2165
-No Player Image
WANG, Jiong Player D(C)2563
45No Player Image
CHEN, Zhechao D(L),DM,M(LC)2470
23Róger GUEDES
GUEDES, Róger Ln
3No Player Image
LIU, Junshuai D(C)2476
11No Player Image
LIU, Yang D(LC),DM(L)2480
16No Player Image
LI, Hailong D,DM(R)2370
27No Player Image
CAO, Sheng AM,F(RL)2463
28No Player Image
CHEN, Kerui AM(RLC)2373
47No Player Image
LUO, Andong Player AM(RLC)2373
41No Player Image
ZHANG, Chen Player D,DM,M(L)2365
41No Player Image
WU, Lei Player D,DM,M,AM(R)2270
31No Player Image
ZHAO, Jianfei D(C)2067
61No Player Image
CHEN, Pu M(C)2263
34No Player Image
HUANG, Cong DM,M(C)2263
36No Player Image
DUAN, Liuyu AM(RLC)2175
32No Player Image
TIAN, Xin AM,F(RLC)2168

Player Position

Position DescKeeper
Preferred FootRight

Rating History

Player History

2015-03-28Shandong Luneng83
2015-01-29Shandong Luneng82
2014-11-12Shandong Luneng80
2014-05-14Shandong Luneng78
2013-11-13Shanghai Shenhua78

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